Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Website to Achieve Better Conversion Rates

By following these three easy rules, you can be assured that your website is optimized to convert the most calls possible. It costs you money and time to get people to visit your site, so you want to make sure that as many people as possible call your number or at least fill out a Contact Form. Pay Per Call Market will give you all the tools and help you need to make sure your site is optimized for the highest conversion rates possible.

  1. Improve the Visibility of Your Phone Number: There is no point in getting people to visit your site if your phone number is not the first thing they see. Many people still concentrate on form completion even though they are able to make more money with Pay Per Calls. By placing your phone number in a more prominent location, people will be more likely to call your number than to fill out your lead forms.

  2. Focus On Getting Actual Calls Instead of using Vague Terms Like “Contact Us” pages: The most successful sites use specific Call-To-Action terms instead of vague “Contact Us,” “Get In Touch” or “Click for More information.” buttons. Traditional Website design usually had a Contact Us page, but that means that people have to click on them before they see your number. Call-To-Action icons are a better way to get people to call your number because they are easier to see and require less work for the user.

  3. Use Pay Per Call market’s Tracking Tools To See How Small Changes To Your Site Affect Your Conversion Rate: The only way to make sure that your webdesign is working for you, is to use the tools Pay Per Call Market offers to track how your changes affect your conversion rate. If you are not using all the tools available to you, you are not just wasting resources, you are also throwing away money. We recommend you don’t make big changes to your site. By making small changing and tracking your conversion rate, you can make sure to hone your site for optimal conversion.


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