Update Your Plans With Interactive Content Marketing

Content marketing has been the big thing for 2014, and all your competition may have finally caught on and started creating more content on the internet. Even the most basic small business now knows that creating quality content that is released on a regular basis will make a huge difference in boosting your number of customers. But with everyone doing the same thing, your company needs to do something to distinguish itself. That is why you should consider putting more effort into interactive content marketing.

The problem with current marketing

The problem with the current content marketing is that it has gotten boring. Sure, marketers understand that they need quality content, but the fact that they also have to produce it so regularly has led to most of them struggling to write something people are interested in reading. In today’s world, people don’t have time to read content that isn’t worthwhile, which means you have to write something that is worth their time. Rather than sticking with the same, old, boring stuff, you should consider moving towards more interactive content marketing.

Interactive marketing ideas

In the coming year, interactive content marketing will be the best way to distinguish yourself from the competition and bring in more customers. It isn’t just about producing quality content as much as it is providing a way for your customers to interact with your business. According to Tech Crunch, examples of interactive marketing include things like puzzles, games, competitions, calculators, and more. The point is to get people to come back to your website twice. They may never come back twice to read the same article, but they may come back twice to use a great calculator or to play another game. You can also create interaction by using pay per call marketing because it allows for bloggers to interact on a personal level with customers. Not only are they referring customers to call your business, but it also helps them all communicate about your product or service. People will come back over and over again to a great blog, so bloggers who are referring customers to your business will be able to easily interact with and refer people. Try and post interactive content on your website, but you’ll also want to provide a way for consumers to interact together through means such as pay per call marketing.

Source: Tech Crunch

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