Web marketing improves conversion results

In days past, marketing was a much slower process.

It started with drawing boards, went to committees, was transferred to an electronic version, printed, distributed, and finally posted where potential customers would hopefully see it. This process took months, and by the time a campaign made it to market, the market might have already changed. Another problem is that once a campaign was printed, to make it seem worth while it had to remain in place for weeks or even months, growing stale and invisible to passersby.

Changing advertising to be more responsive

These days, marketers don’t have to go through such a lengthy process. They can create and post almost immediately, responding to changing markets and audience needs as necessary. Brafton, a marketing news reporting company, reported, “The modern content marketing world allows for much more responsive design—if all of its moving pieces are in the proper place.”

Instant delivery of materials

Real-time marketing allows marketers to change their tactics according to the political, international, and economical climate. Digital and web marketing are what make it possible to respond almost instantaneously. The costs are lower and they can be replaced before they grow stale. Brafton explained, “Instead of a lengthy printed playbook and an expensive delivery process to get the materials to most or all of a business’ clients, real-time marketers can respond to customers on-the-fly and in the moment.”

Facebook advertising strategies

Another benefit of online marketing is the option for personalized, custom content. Email marketing can be programmed to address the customer directly and you may have notice that on Facebook, personal information is used to customize the ads that show up on the side bar and on the news feed page.

Easy reference information

When customers ask for information, online marketing allows you to provide them with everything they need for easy reference.”Now you can send any relevant news articles, blog entries, or social media posts depending on what questions leads are asking for at any given time,” said Brafton.

Pay per call

Another way to communicate directly with the customer is through pay per call marketing. Businesses partner with affiliates who advertise the business’ contact information to generate quality leads. If the lead qualifies, the affiliate is paid a dividend for their efforts. It’s a great way of making direct connections with your customers and allowing them easy access to you.

Source: Brafton

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