Work As An Affiliate Marketer As The Economy Increases

It appears as if the economy has not only recovered but is finally getting to a point where most Americans feel comfortable again. Or at least that’s what a recent jobless claims report indicates. But just because the economy is getting better doesn’t mean your financial situation is suddenly better. You can change all that by being an affiliate marketer to bring in extra money and support yourself.

Jobless claims report

The jobless claims report showed a 14-year low in the number of first time jobless claims being reported, which indicates the economy is improving dramatically, according to the LA Times. In fact, those claims are half of what they were during 2008 and 2009 when the economy first collapsed. Unfortunately, first time jobless claims aren’t the best way to tell whether or not the economy is doing well. What about all the people who are filing claims even though it is not their first time? What about the people who don’t qualify for unemployment, so they aren’t filing? What about the people who have been unemployed so long that they no longer qualify for unemployment benefits? And what about the people who took jobs that pay less to get by even though it’s really not enough? Though the first time reports being low does show an increase in jobs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone out there has a job or even a job that pays enough to stay afloat. That is why it is good to be able to work as an affiliate marketer to bring in money. There is always this option available to those who just don’t have a job right now or don’t make enough in the job they took.

Making money as an affiliate marketer

You’d be surprised how easy it can be to bring in an extra income as an affiliate marketer and blogger. It is especially true if the economy is increasing as expected because a bigger economy means more people are spending money, which means you will be able to more easily get referrals. All you have to do is promote a company on your blog with a special phone number, and then anyone who calls that number to get more information is considered a “quality lead.” Every time a company gets a quality lead from you, you’ll get around $20 from them! It’s a great deal because it only takes 5 people to make a hundred dollars. If you can get just five people a day to call the number, you will be making enough to support your family at $700 a week as an affiliate marketer. It’s a pretty sweet gig if you can get the following you need on your blog. Pay per call affiliate marketing is the best way to go because you get paid real money for real people, so everyone wins.

Source: LA Times

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