Worst Social Media Marketing of 2014

The year is coming to a close, which means it is time to evaluate whether or not your social media marketing strategies for the year have been successful and which ones to use again next year. For a paypercall affiliate, this can be especially important to bringing more people to your blog and getting more money. The good news for those who didn’t have a lot of marketing success is that you can learn from others’ examples. Specifically, you can learn from the worst social media marketing of 2014 and try not to follow those bad examples. Here are a couple of things not to do in 2015.

Be careful what you say

In 2015, make sure nothing you say on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can be taken offensively. DiGiorno made this mistake this year when it tweeted #whyistayed you had pizza. According to the Wall Street Journal, the whyistayed hashtag was being used by women who were sharing stories of abusive relationships they were in on Twitter, which was awfully embarrassing for the pizza maker making light of something that was very serious. Even though you may not think it is offensive at first glance, a second look is always worth it if it avoids an embarrassing blunder like this.

Bad tie-in

Best Buy made the decision to tie-in to a popular podcast about a 1999 murder case that had a key testimony made on a payphone. The electronics retailer made a joke about the murder by tweeting “We have everything you need, unless you need a payphone. #serial.” This tweet was very insensitive and led to an apology from Best Buy about the bad judgement used in releasing the tweet.

The moral?

Be extra careful in what you write on social media. The worst social media marketing always has to do with companies either saying insensitive things on purpose or writing things they didn’t realize were offensive. As you are trying to get more people to your blog or website, make sure you spend a minute or two on the internet making sure nobody will be hurt by what you say.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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