The wrong way to market: Obamacare

There are a few key rules to follow when marketing.

Obamacare didn’t follow any of those rules in its marketing campaign. And maybe that is why people seem so happy. If marketing was done right, it might not have been so bad. In fact, maybe people would have been pleased to see Obamacare finally become a reality if there had been good marketing techniques used.

Honesty is key

In a world where people can hop on the internet and find the truth in a matter of minutes, you really need to be more honest about what you offer. You won’t be able to stay in business long if you make a promise you can’t keep or outright lie about what you are offering. This is one of the problems seen with Obamacare as people felt deceived about what they were getting. Everyone was happy with the deal until they found out they were going to lose their good insurance, and the lies made everyone feel worse off than if they had just been told the truth in the first place. Your company needs to be honest about what you offer to make your customers feel safe.

It’s about your customers

Creating a product and marketing it to your customers isn’t about you convincing people they need something they don’t, according to Fox News. Successful marketing campaigns recognize that you are trying to meet the needs of your customers. You should create your products and services by first determining the needs that need to be filled and then marketing specifically to those needs. Obamacare tells people what they need and then tries to sell itself to people. It is great for the people who actually needed health insurance options, but the people who already had great insurance are wondering how this great plan is supposed to help them in any way.

You can’t help everyone

The next lesson Obamacare should learn is that you can’t help everyone. The wrong way to market is to just assume that your product is for everyone. You need to determine your main audience, and your main audience will never include everyone, as much as you might like that. Obamacare’s audience was the people who either couldn’t afford health insurance, didn’t have it offered through work, or had pre-existing conditions making it impossible to find insurance. And for those people, it is a great way to offer insurance to everyone. The people who already had insurance or didn’t want insurance are upset about the whole thing. They shouldn’t have to buy something just because someone else needed it, right? When you are marketing, don’t try to market to everyone. Determine your audience and make sure you market only to them if you want to be successful. And maybe the best way to market is to use pay per call and let other people do all the work for you.

Source: Fox News

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